The Voice of Thy Salutation

4 thoughts on “The Voice of Thy Salutation”

  1. Excellent post. I have actually heard Protestants gone so far as to say that our Lady didn’t even have a choice to be the Mother of God. I try to remind myself that they don’t know any better, but it’s hard—my mother’s literally been insulted. That may be why I feel more inclined to defend Marian dogmas than other Catholic doctrines.
    I was surprised by the reference to Gary Michuta because I am slightly acquainted with him. I probably know a few things about him you might not be aware of, such as his fascination with Pop-Tarts. I should read some of his books.

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    1. Thanks! These are the same Protestants who believe God’s chosen elect has no choice to be saved: Double predestination. But there are countless biblical passages that contradict this heretical doctrine. You can order Michuta’s book online at I also recommend Dr. Pitre’s books on the Jewish roots of Marian devotion and the Eucharist. Dr. Bergsma’s book on the Dead Scrolls and Christianity is another great work on sale there. Much of Catholic thought and practice is rooted in the Essene community at Qumran. Essene Judaism is the dawn of Catholicism as envisioned by the OT prophets.

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  2. That’s inconsistent of them, seeing the ones I’ve met believe we have a choice to be saved. But they argue that God would’ve been dependent on Mary if she had the liberty to decide. The problem is they aren’t familiar with Thomistic theology. God has two forms of will: the antecedent and consequent. The former will is what God “desires” and the latter will is what God “decrees.” God “desires” that all of us be saved, but He “decrees” an unrepentant soul will be cast into Hell. So, God’s will would’ve been fulfilled whether Mary said Yes or No. He desired that Mary would say Yes, but if she did say No, the Incarnation wouldn’t have happened by default. Protestants are egoistic. They suppose God must save their souls, as though He’s obligated to. Salvation is a free gift of God’s love and mercy. So all of us, including Mary, can either accept or refuse this gift. God is love. He wants us to love Him to be with Him forever. There’s no love if we are coerced or forced to do His will – no love without free will. Mary represented us just as Eve had. Our Lady is the New Eve.


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