Blessed Are You Who Believed

4 thoughts on “Blessed Are You Who Believed”

  1. Exactly! Our Lady is the new eve. I forgot what pope said this but he said the image that earned Our Lady the title of Coredemptrix is Our Lady weeping with seven swords pierced in Her Heart. There was also words of Our Lord to a Saint that what caused Him the most pain on the cross was He asked God the Father to spare Our Lady, but God said “no”, because He needed Mary’s sufferings combined with that of His Son. The New Adam and Eve. They also say that the one sword you can say Our Lord Himself placed in Our Lady’s Heart was the third sorrow, so fascinating.

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  2. I’m sure that Jesus was more concerned about his Mother’s sorrow than he was about his own afflictions. Her standing beneath the Cross added to his suffering.

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